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The Roma Charity Service is a Hungarian foundation founded in 2013 by members of the Gypsy Science and Identity Association.

Our goal is to provide help, support and assistance to all disadvantaged people living in Hungary and other countries, regardless of origin, nationality, religion or skin color!

The president of the foundation is György Rostás-Farkas Jr. Its activities cover a wide range of other areas, from humanitarian aid to disaster relief, assistance to disadvantaged Roma and non-Roma, refugees, large families, the homeless, drug addicts, and rehabilitation programs for the disabled.

We are also responsible for supporting people affected by disasters, helping families, caring for the elderly, and promoting social equality for disadvantaged groups.

The Roma Charity Service tries to help those in need on a regular basis, every day of the year!

The activities of the Roma Charity Service range from humanitarian assistance to disaster relief, from helping disadvantaged Roma and non-Roma, refugees, large families, the homeless, drug addicts to the rehabilitation program for the disabled, and many other areas of humanitarian development. Our task is also to support the people affected by the disaster, to help the family, to take care of the elderly, and to promote social equality of opportunity for disadvantaged groups.

We offer their offerings to the disadvantaged Roma and non-Roma population in various forms.

  • Clothing
  • Sustainable food
  • Fire
  • Game
  • School equipment
  • Furniture
  • Cleaning and toilet equipment
  • Social aid
  • Legal help

The activity of the Roma Charity Service focuses mainly on helping and supporting disadvantaged people living in Hungary, but in view of the many requests, we have already gone through several relief campaigns in our neighboring countries, Transylvania, Slovenia and the Highlands.

Our tasks and activities according to the Articles of Association!

If you decide you want to support our Charity Service, you can be sure that your donation will reach the families in need you want! The

When establishing the Roma Charity Service, we set the following defining goals!


The Roma Charity Service guarantees the donating company that it will use the donation it offers for the purpose it has given!

The aim of our social and development activities,

  • to be effective, help people in need
  • examine the causes of the emergency
  • provide personalized help to eliminate them as soon as possible
  • in all cases, the beneficiaries should be involved in the problem-solving process, in accordance with their abilities, in order to feel their own responsibility in managing the situation
  • we strive for beneficiaries to remain independent and not become dependent on donations and aid packages
  • we try to enable the beneficiaries to act in their own affairs, to solve their own problems independently
  • in our work we distinguish between immediate relief and long-term care processes.

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